The European Union’s LIFE programme targets Environment and Climate Change and is one of the main contributors to the European Green Deal, whose objective, amongst others, is to

Protect, conserve and improve the European Union’s natural capital and protect the health and well-being of its citizens in face of the risks and impacts related to environmental conservation and climate change.

The LIFE programme was set up in 1992 and to date has collaborated with over 2,750 different projects. It operates as a single source of funding devoted entirely to environmental and climate-related projects that include undertakings that vary from the protection of our biodiversity to the transition to cleaner energy sources and the fight against the climate emergency. In all, since it began over two decades ago, it has co-financed more than 4,500 projects including LIFE Iberconejo.

For the period 2021–2027 its budget is €5,432 millon.