European Rabbit Iberian Coordination Committee

The main objective of the LIFE Iberconejo is to create a governance structure (ERICC, European Rabbit Iberian Coordination Committee) to coordinate the management of rabbits in the Iberian Peninsula via protocols for monitoring populations and their health status, as well as the damage they cause to agriculture.

Initially, the ERICC was composed of the beneficiaries of the LIFE Iberconejo project and shared functions with the project’s Monitoring Committee. The setting up of the Coordination Committee at the same time as the project itself is being got underway will enable the details of how the Committee will operate to be designed and assessed before its formalization.

Both public and regional administrations, along with representatives from the academic world, agricultural and hunting lobbies, and conservationist groups, will be invited to participate in the ERICC meetings and to gradually become involved in the Committee as members.

In the first phase of the project, the aim of the ERICC is to oversee and evaluate the drawing up of the standardized protocols for managing rabbit populations. This is a key task in the recovery of rabbit populations and the resolution of conflicts between different social groups in light of the damage rabbits cause to agriculture in the Iberian Peninsula.

Once the LIFE Iberconejo project has finished, the ERICC will remain as the governance body in the Iberian Peninsula under the auspices of the relevant public administrations in both Spain and Portugal. Its tasks will be to implement – and, if necessary, update – management protocols, coordinate aspects relating to sanitary issues, populations, hunting and agriculture, and apply the appropriate protocols wherever necessary.

Working groups

Within the ERICC there are a number of working groups (WG) where proposals put forward during the development of the project are debated.

The idea is to create the following working groups:

These working groups will be constituted by the beneficiaries of the LIFE Iberconejo project in collaboration with external experts. The aim of these groups is to maximize efficiency by sharing out the work and putting specific participants in charge of specific tasks.